Ronde 1

Ronde 1 vendredi 29 mai 20h30


FT271 The lock of Colmar

AP143 Late for Chow

A109 Souts out


- ASL190 Scouts out

US3 In the Victory Conditions change « provided the Germans have amassed <= 28 CVP » to « <= 23 CVP ».

US2 Delete one dm .50-cal HMG from the American OB.

US1 Add one German 2-3-7 half squad to the OB south of the river.

GE1 Add one American 3-4-6 half squad to the turn one entry group.

GE2 The German's reinforcements enter on turn 4 having already expended ½ of MF or MP FRU.

GE3 Delete the first sentence of SSR 2 and remove the six « ? » counters from the German OB.

- AP143 Late for Chow.

US3 Exchange the 9-1 German leader for a 9-2 leader.

US2 Add one 5-4-8 squad to the German OB.

US1 Add one 2-3-8 German HS to the German OB.

GE1 Echange one 5-4-6 american squad with one 6-6-6 squad.

GE2 Delete one German LMG.

GE3 In the Victory Conditions, change ≥ 8 to ≥ 10.

- FT271The lock ogf Colmar.

US3 Add a 2-2-8 and a FLAK38 AA Gun i nthe German OB

US2 The first attempt by the Stug to put a Smoke counter is successful , no dice roll required. Line of sight rules still apply.

US1 Add one German 4-6-7.

GE1 Add a hero (Free French or American) to the Allied OB.

GE2 Exhange one 6-6-6 american squad for a 6-6-7 squad.

GE3 Add one M4A2 Sherman to the allied reinforcements.